Best Surfboards For Girls

What are the best surfboards for girls? Well, as with all of our surfboard guides: it depends.

When it comes down to it, surfboards are really uni-sex when built. Any board type will work for any gender, what matters more is your experience, weight, and local wave environment. So if you’re a girl looking for any old board, just follow our Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Next Board and you’ll do fine.

Otherwise, if you’re looking for something that has a more feminine look to it (bright colors, flowers, etc.), our favorite brand is Chick Sticks. They have tons of surfboards designed with girls in mind. Below we have listed 5 of their best boards.  But keep in mind! The same rules discussed in the Surfboard Size Guide apply here – the only thing different is the board design.

The Top 5 Surfboards for Girls (based on design)

Fish Surfboard

Vixen – $659

This is a great option for girls that want a fast ride in smaller waves (1 – 5 feet waves). The board comes with tons of different design options that many female surfers will love. It has a soft nose for extra safety and even comes with surfboard fins. Remember, these types of surfboards are best for more experienced surfers looking for speed in smaller waves. If that’s not you then check out the other ones we list below.



Bad Betty Mini Longboard – $694-$739

This mini longboard is great for the beginner surfer chick who wants a little extra flair to her board. It comes at either 7 feet, or 8 feet, in length (check out our sizing guide to find out what you should get) and also has tons of different designs to choose from. Again, this comes with a soft nose for some extra safety and the fins are included. It works great in 1-6ft waves and a smart choice for beginners – but experienced surfers can enjoy it just as much!


Funboard – For Beginners

Hoochie Mama – $649

This is an awesome fun board for girls that are not very experienced surfers yet. It has a wider deck for more stability and a soft nose for extra safety. It’s a good pick for waves between 1 and 4 feet tall, and comes with the fins included. This will offer more manuervarbility than a longboard will without losing a lot of the stability. If you’re a more experienced surfer than check out our next Funboard that made the list.


Funboard – For Experienced

Hoochie Mod – $649

This one is a great funboard option for advanced surfer girls. It works well in higher waves than the previous one mentioned (2-9ft tall) and allows for more speed and maneuverability. It comes with many design options and the fins are included in the price. This board is not recommended for beginners, so if you’re looking for a Funboard for girls and you are just starting out, then check out the Hoochie Mama board above.



Little Screamer – $629

For the most advanced female surfers only! This board is designed for speed and performance in large waves and is not meant to be learned on. It comes with a handful of different design options and the fins are included. It works great for 3-8ft tall waves and AGAIN is for experienced female surfers!



We hope this list helps you when choosing between different surfboards for girls. Remember to resort back to the Surfboard Buyers Guide and Sizing Guide if you have any specific questions. Otherwise we hope you enjoy your new, awesome looking, surfboard!

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