Best Surfboards for Beginners

Surfing is a sport that can take years to master, but can make you feverishly addicted after your first ride. Many newbie surfers haven fallen into this trance and want to get to shredding the waves right away. Unfortunately they usually don’t own their own board yet, and finding the best surfboard for beginners can be tough with so many options and variations available.

To help you out we’ve created a list of the most important characteristics for your first board. Read them through, and check out the list we made of the best surfboards for beginners!



Your first board should obviously be the right size for your bodyweight – check out our article on finding the right size board to help you with that. Keep in mind: you’re just starting out so you want a board that is big and buoyant so you don’t have as much trouble keeping your balance. Follow the “beginner” sizes on the sizing guide to help you with that.

In addition, you should start by using a larger board type. Longboards and Funboards are usually the best for this. They are larger and more buoyant so keeping your balance will be much easier on these boards than they would be on a shortboard or smaller sized Fish.



Let’s be honest: this first board is probably going to get beat up. Just like your first car shouldn’t be a Ferrari, your first board shouldn’t be anything too expensive. Get a surfboard that’s cheap so if you beat it up it’s not too big of a deal. Check out our guide to finding cheap surfboards for sale to find out how much you should be paying and where to find the best deals.



Surfboards can be made up of many different materials. The material is not necessarily important to pay attention to when finding your first board – except for one cool type of board: Softboards! These have padding all around the board to keep you from injuring yourself while learning. These are probably not a long term board option, but if you are just starting out and you’re worried about getting hurt from a hard board, they are a great option to have!


Beginner Board Top Picks

So the characteristics listed are probably the most important things you should focus on when choosing your first board. Below are a few options that are perfect for your beginner surfboard:


Option 1 – Mini Longboard

chris ruddy mini long

Chris Ruddy Mini Longboard – $680

Mini Longboards are great for beginners because of their buoyancy and size. These are not as long as regular Longboards, but offer many of the same advantages for less cost. This Chris Ruddy Mini Longboard comes in at a great price and offers everything a beginner needs. Or check here for other mini longboard options.








Option 2 – Funboard

nectar surfboards egg funboard


Nectar Surfboards EGG Funboard – $612

Funboards are considered the perfect blend of shortboards and longboards. This makes them great options for beginners because of the blend of buoyancy and maneuverability they provide. This board comes in at a great price and can be a perfect option for your first one. You can find other Funboards for sale here.







Option 3 – Softboard


 catch surf the log softboard

Catch Surf “The Log” Softboard – $300

As mentioned above, Softboards can be a great option for a beginner that is worried about getting hurt by their board. This one is large and buoyant with padding around it to give you a bit of extra cushioning. These are typically cheaper than other types of boards but are not long term board solutions. If you want to check out some other Softboard options you can here.







So what’s the best surfboard for beginners? Well, it will depend on the surfer but your best 3 options are Longboards, Funboards, or Softboards. It’s hard to go wrong with any of these 3, but if we had to pick the best of the best we would say go with a Funboard. The mini-mal surfboard has long been considered a favorite among all Funboards for beginning surfers.

Grab one of the boards above (or at least one that matches our “best surfboard for beginners” criteria) and get shredding!

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