Guide to Finding Cheap Surfboards for Sale

Looking for an awesome surfboard without having to sacrifice 2 months of rent money? We feel your pain! Surfing can be an extremely expensive hobby if you’re not a wise and careful shopper. For those of you who are looking for a new board to shred the waves with, at a smaller cost, we’ve created a guide below on some awesome cheap surfboards for sale. Read the guide, buy your board, and still have money left for food!


Step 1: Choose your type of surfboard

You should start this process by deciding which type of surfboard you want to go with. Just by looking at the different ranges of surfboard prices, you can probably tell that one type of board in particular immediately falls into the “no cash left over for rent” category – longboards.

Longboards are great for a lot of things – learning how to surf, staying balanced, and riding smaller waves – but they are not good at leaving money in your bank account. These bad boys can cost over $1,000 just for a standard board – no customization, add-ons, or anything! So for the sake of this post, we are going to assume that spending 2-3 months’ rent on one standard longboard is not what you would consider a “cheap surfboard”, and we will leave longboards out.


Made much more for high performance sessions on larger waves, shortboards can be really fun for those who know how to use them. Because they are usually thinner (and shorter) than other boards, they require less material to make and can be found at a cheaper price. However, they can be hard to use if you are not an experienced surfer.


These are a bit wider and thicker than shortboards with a “swallow tail” cut at the end of the board. Fishboards are great for speed in smaller waves and offer more stability than other boards because of their width. They are usually a better fit for more advanced surfers.

Funboards & Hybrids

Remember these offer the best of both the shortboard and longboard. They offer maneuverability, stability, speed, and are usually great boards for beginners.


Step 2: Check out your options

So if you know what type of surfboard you’re looking for, you can now check out some cheaper options that are available for each type. Below we list each type of board and a few great options that are super cheap – check out the different characteristics of the boards, we think you’ll agree that they are not very different from premium ones that cost hundreds more!


Firewire FST Gromflex

Firewire FST Gromflex Surfboard – $489.95

Firewire boards are always great picks. This board is under $500 and can be found at a length of anywhere between  4’10” and 5’10”. A Firewire board at that price point is a wise choice.








Haydenshapes Ando 5'8

Haydenshapes Ando 5’8 Surfboard – $475.00

One of the cheapest, most dependable, shortboards that we’ve been able to find.  This board measures out to 5’8 in length but similar other options are available on  the site it was found. Finding any shortboard under $500 is a good deal, this  particular one’s reviews put the icing on the cake.











DWB Designs The Torpedo

DWB Designs “The Torpedo” 5’4 Surfboard – $525.00

One of the cheapest Fish surfboards we could find. DWB Designs is not a brand we are extremely familiar with, but their prices are lower than most other brands across the board. Definitely worth checking out, especially since the site we found this one at has a great hassle free return policy.







Funboards & Hybrids

Nectar Surfboards Egg

Nectar Surfboards Egg 7’2 Surfboard – $590.00

Nectar boards are great hand carved surfboards. This Funboard is set for 3 fins and can be a great Funboard for surfers with any level of experience. We couldn’t find much of any Funboards under $600 , so this one is a great deal!








Step 3: Look for extra deals

Online stores usually have much better deals on surfboards for sale than small shops do. Just think about it, those small shops close to the beach have to pay mega-bucks for their storefront, then pay their sales associates, and mark up their margins high enough to account for their limited amount of buyers! An online surfboard site can make awesome boards in a shed somewhere in Kansas and pop them out for hundreds of dollars less – that’s why we’re a huge fan of them.

So we recommend checking out online stores, then doing a simple surfboard search by price (“Low to High” of course!). Also, if you’re lucky, some of these online stores have free shipping, money back guarantees, and/or monthly specials – LOOK FOR THESE, they can save you hundreds.

Here are a couple of great sites to use:

Jack’s Surfboards

  • Has some high quality ones (Firewire and Channel Islands – our favorite) and decent prices. They also sell tons of surfing gear and will offer great deals and free shipping at certain price points with the gear!

Surf Ride

  • Has one of the largest selection we’ve seen. They can lack different variations of some boards (different sizes, colors, etc.) but they make up for it in their range of products. They also offer Free Shipping and an awesome return policy!

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