New vs. Used Surfboards For Sale – What’s Better?

So what is better? New or Used Surfboards for sale? Does it seem like this question has an obvious answer? Think again – it’s a little more complicated than it seems. Read on to find out what the hay we’re talking about!

Let’s be honest with ourselves for a second: surfboards are friggin’ expensive! My first car cost me $200 and worked great for years, I wish I could say the same thing about my first board! The high price of these items forces us to be extra careful when purchasing them – which surfaces the question we asked earlier: is it better to buy your board new or used? Let’s weigh the options.

Buying Used

Purchasing used surfboards for sale can be a great move for some surfers. The main reason: cost. Buying a used board can cost several hundred dollars than a new one does. This allows you to do two things:

–          Have extra money for gear

–          Beat the crap out of it

Let’s address the extra money benefit first. Having some additional cash to buy some essential surfing equipment can be an awesome feeling. A few hundred extra bucks will help you get a wetsuit (so you’re not freezing to death), new boardshorts, and even some wicked surf hats.

Now onto the next benefit: being able to beat the crap out of your board. This one really only applies to beginning surfers. When you’re first learning, your board can take a lot of punishment. For this reason, buying a brand new $1,000 surfboard to learn on is not recommended. Not only will you be afraid to try new things, but you’ll also be devastated if something were to happen to it. Buying a used one will allow you this freedom to learn without worrying as much about keeping your board in mint condition.

Buying New

There aren’t many feelings better than getting a brand new board. It instantly becomes as much your baby as if you had carried it inside of you for 9+ months. Buying new comes with a couple of its own advantages as well:

–          Having a virgin board

–          Being able to grow with it

Having a virgin board – or one that has never been used before – is a great feeling for most surfers. You know right away that there is nothing wrong with it, and you get to take care of it from day one. Compare it to buying a brand new car, or a brand new pair of shoes, you start to get an attachment to this inanimate object in a way that doesn’t really make sense – right?

The most important advantage that a new one brings is the ability to grow with it. If you were to buy a used one, spend months/years learning on it, and then have it break on you – all of that comfort you’ve created on that board has been lost! Buying a new one gives you more time to get comfortable with your board and then enjoy it for longer.


So which is better? Buying new or used surfboards for sale?

Our decision: buy a new board if you can. This will give you more time to get comfortable with it and enjoy your time on it. If you are a beginner and worried about damaging a new board – we still recommend getting a new one, but make sure you check out our list of cheap surfboards for sale. Having a cheaper new board will give you more time and ownership than buying somebody’s old, beat up, one.

Hope this helped and stay surfin!

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