Surfboard Prices – How much does a surfboard cost?

“How much does a surfboard cost?” We hear this question from people all the time, and our honest answer is one that many dislike: it depends.

Surfboard prices vary based on the type of board, the brand, the size, the production process, the materials, the level of customization, and so much more! So, to keep things simple, we are going to give you our best shot at answering this based on a few assumptions:

  1. You are educated on the different types of surfboards and all the other things that you need to take into consideration when buying a new board (if not, check out our “Ultimate Guide to Buying Your Next Board”)
  2. You know that the cost for each type will vary depending on the things mentioned above, so you’re okay with a range of surfboard prices
  3. You’re not looking for any fancy customization, decals, details, etc. – just a great surfboard at a fair price

If you’re okay with the assumptions we just made, then we’re okay with answering the “how much does a surfboard cost” question. In the text that follows we list the different types of boards, the different price ranges you can expect to pay, and spotlight a great surfboard pick for each of the price ranges.


These are larger and thicker than all other boards, and are usually much more expensive as well. On the bright side, these tend to last much longer than other types because of their durability.

They can run you anywhere from $700-$1,300 depending on the brand and final size you decide to purchase. Check out the highlighted board below:


Longboard Price Range: $700 – $1,300

Firewire Flexflight Surfboard – $795.95

This is a great Longboard for the money. For less than $800 (in the lower part of the expected price range) you can get up to 9’ 6” of Longboard! We also love all Firewire brand boards here, they are dependable, great to ride, and (if you’re lucky) can come at an awesome price.


These boards are lower in price because of their smaller size. You can usually find a great shortboard in the range of $400-$800. Here is an awesome option in that price level:


Shortboard Price Range: $400 – $800

Channel Islands Dumpster Diver Surfboard – $659.95

We’re huge fans of the Channel Islands brand, and with this board they definitely didn’t disappoint. This “Dumpster Diver” surfboard was created for pro-surfer Dane Reynolds and has some great features to it. This bad boy was built for speed and offers some decent kick in the back. It sits right in the middle of the expected price range and could probably be sold for a lot more!

Fun (Hybrid)

These middle of the road boards have a middle of the road price range that go with them. A great Fun (Hybrid) board can usually be picked up from $600-$1,000. Below is a highlighted board that’s in that range:


Fun Price Range: $600 – $1,000

Nectar Surfboards Egg 7’6” Surfboard

The fun board is perfect for beginners and sits at an awesome price. Although not as high quality as Channel Islands boards, Nectar Surfboards are still great boards that can be snagged for great deals. This one sits almost at the lowest end of the expected price range and still offers a lot of value to an interested surfer.



Remember these are usually about the same size as shortboards, but are a little wider and have the “fish-tail” end. You can end up paying anywhere from $500-$900 for a good brand. Here is one you should check out:


Fish Price Range: $500 – $900

Channel Islands Pod Surfboard – $659.95

This is another sweet Channel Islands find. It has the typical Fish feature (the “swallow tail”) for more hold and traction on the water. This board is great for smaller waves and offers some sick maneuverability. At just over $650 it’s another awesome deal for a Channel Island board.



So, how much does a surfboard cost? Well the answer is still: it depends. Mainly on if you’re looking for a high quality board or just checking out some cheap surfboards for sale. But hopefully you now have a better understanding of the different range of surfboard prices and enough knowledge to find the one that you love at a great price. If love what Surf Bait has to offer, spread the word by sharing our posts!

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