Surfboard Wax: How to wax your surfboard like a pro

Waxing your surfboard can almost be a therapeutic event. Spending the time with your board, visualizing the waves, and putting in a little prep work can be fun. On top of this, surfboard wax is cheap, and very easy to apply – if you know what you’re doing!

Waxing properly will give you the needed grip so your body and feet don’t slip off of your wet surfboard. It’s extremely important to wax your board prior to surfing (if it’s a new one) or applying a basecoat at least once a year if it’s one you’ve had for a while. A top coat of surfboard wax should be applied before each time you go out to surf.

Below is a great step by step guide to waxing your board properly – in just under 10 minutes!


Step 1: Clean your Surfboard

Note: You can skip this step if this is a new board and you’ve never waxed it before.

If it’s been over a year since the last time you’ve waxed your board, there’s probably built up wax that needs to be scraped off before applying a new layer. To do this buy, or borrow, a wax comb to scrape off all of the wax on the deck.

You’ll start by using the straight side of the wax comb to scrape off most of the wax. Follow that up with by using the curved side of the wax comb to get any wax off of the rails.


Step 2: Put on the basecoat of wax

For this step you’ll want to purchase a surfboard wax that is meant for the basecoat. This will leave a bumpy pattern on your board that will last for a few months to about a year.

Grab the basecoat wax and press down with pressure to apply the coat. It is best to do this in a circular motion or in a parallel line motion (similar to mowing a lawn). Be sure to get a large layer of wax on every part of the board you expect for your feet to be (cover a Longboard entire, cover other boards in the middle section).


Step 3: Apply the top coat of wax

This coat will be a bit stickier and softer than the basecoat. Different from the base coat, the top coat will have to be purchased especially for the temperature of your typical surfing water. To ensure you have the right kind of wax, check the temperature ranges on the packaging.

Apply this coat exactly how you applied the basecoat, except you won’t need to apply nearly as much pressure because of how soft this material is. Again, this coat should be applied before every surf session.


Instructional Video

If you are a visual learner, check out these super cute chicks from Costa Rica teach you how to wax your surfboard in their short YouTube clip!


That’s all you need to know to wax your deck and enjoy a slip free surf session!

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